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  • Mexican Fiesta Dress shown on Size 4 Model
  • Mexican Fiesta Dress shown on Size 4 Model
  • Mexican Fiesta Dress shown on Size 4 Model


Me Gustas Mucho Dress

$49.95 USD



12:53 a.m.

Mexico City.

She’s sitting in La Casa de las Sirenas, a hidden bar overlooking the cathedral. Playing Pokar for money but hadn’t bothered bringing any.

She lays down her four cards, runs her thumb along the flowers on her dress.

“Four of a kind,” she whispers in a southern American accent.

“Carajo!” says the man across from her.

She sweeps the coins on the table into her purse, swallows her beer, flips her hair, and at 1 a.m. elegantly trots off into the night.

I pass her on Calle de la Palma later that afternoon, orchids clutched in her hand, portfolio strapped to her back like a black sail. She’s still wearing this dress, still unselfconsciously, maravilloso.

Me Gustas Mucho Dress: Adorned with a bouquet of flowers, like cotton candy, sweet, satisfying, and soft. Low scoop neckline shape. Detailed floral embroidery and traditional trimmings to bring attention to your beautiful legs.

  • 100% Cotton
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