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You are Beautiful

Posted: Jan 04 2017


  The jeans won't fit will they? So now you sit (or try to) in the dressing room staring at yourself in the mirror disappointed. You tell yourself "it's just a matter of weight." That's when the "I'm starting a diet" promises begin. You swear to all the gods that you will never again eat another chocolate lava cake (at least not a whole one). You even google the price of a gym membership. Twice a week after feeding Jimmy and before picking up Bobby you're going to the gym. All that sounds better than the embarrassment of peeking your head out and asking for a bigger size to the teenage girl who thinks you should be in a retirement home.

    Let me stop you right there. Yes the cold hard fact is women are forced to summarize their unique bodies into one size. One number. The clothing industry believes that if you have a small waist you have small arms too. That since your legs are thin you automatically have small hips as well. Women are not one size all around. You're not a number. Instead of thinking about how many glasses of wine are going to drain this disappointment, pick yourself up. Remind yourself that you are a powerful woman that can produce and sustain another human being for nine months. You create the most beautiful thing which is life. Not to mention your work. You cook. You clean. You deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin. So open the door, stare at that girl right in the eye and ask for a bigger size. Then put on those comfortable jeans, kiss yourself in the mirror and walk right out (don't forget to pay).

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