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Cape Style Dresses

Posted: Sep 19 2016

Imagine how thrilled I was when I purchased my first cape dress. We’re talking slow motion with romantic soundtrack in the background moment.

I almost left the shop dressed in it, but then I remembered I am an adult and behaved accordingly (except a huge grin on my face and some very mature dance moves/sounds).

The next day I felt like Superwoman wearing it with a pair of heels and a metallic metallic belt (I was just missing my Lasso of submission).

And while I didn’t fight crime in the city, I did get a lot done that day – there’s something about looking great that makes me knock out my to do list, leave early and do something fun!

Cape dresses have been making a splash lately, thanks to the celebrities who have been embracing this chic trend in the past few years.

Ridhi Mehra is an ethnic designer who is taking this concept to the runway. As showcased on Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, Ridhi's designs are both elegant and accessible. I think you'll agree with me that capes add excitement to these designs:

Pink Pleated Anarkali Set With Attached Mirror Work Sheer Cape (front) Pink Pleated Anarkali Set With Attached Mirror Work Sheer Cape (back) Ash Grey Printed Anarkali Set With Attached Mirror Work Sheer Cape

This regal style isn't just for celebrities (or superheroes). Since capes have been gaining in popularity, it's now possible to find a caped dress for almost every budget.

 Wikipedia A cape dress describes a woman's dress which combines features of the cape and the dress. Either a cape-like garment is attached to the dress, or otherwise integrated into its construction, or the dress and cape are made to co-ordinate in fabric and/or colour. Cape dresses were traditionally worn by (conservative) Mennonite women. Unlike the prayer (head) covering, the cape dress never became part of dress regulations. Besides its historical associations with Mennonite dress, the cape dress has become part of fashion vocabulary.

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